E38 Armored Models

The E38 was offered with armored models.

– “Security” was the heavy-armor version and was only sold in European market.
– “Protection” was the light-armor version and was available in the US market.

The production code is embedded in the VIN. For example, the first E38 we bought was a 1998 740iL with VIN WBAGJ8321WDM19383.

– For the “protection” 740iL models, all of which had the M62TUB44 engine:
GH03 (1999-2001)
– For the “protection” 750iL models, all of which had the M73TUB54 engine:
GK93 (1999-2001)

Features of the “protection” models included:

– Aramide body armoring front (foot-wells, doors, rear bulkhead and wheel housings)
– Bullet-resistant windshield, door windows and rear window
– Electrically heated windshield and front door windows
– Moonroof delete
– Ski bag delete
– Modified suspension with electronic dampening control and self-leveling rear suspension (a.k.a. adaptive ride package)
– Run-flat tires on special 17×8 alloy
– Rear windows do not lower
– Center seat belt removed


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