E38 BMW in Bond Movie “Tomorrow Never Dies”

The James Bond movie “Tomorrow Never Dies” features (gasp) a German car.  BMW has a happy habit of providing cars (including a Z3 and a Z8) for Bond movies, and the model in that particular movie is the E38 750iL.

Here is a link to a video with extracts of scenes featuring that lovely car:


I showed this video to my tech girl, who owns an E38 1998 BMW 740iL.  Her comment: “I like how they put a V8 sound over a 750.”

Indeed, she’s correct.  According to Wikipedia: For the scenes using the car, the movie makers had used a much less expensive 740iL car instead, and had rebadged it to look like the 750iL.  I’m impressed that my brilliant tech girl could tell the difference by the sound.


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